Friday, July 3, 2015

Chief Rabbi Attends Farewell Dinner for Adolph Hitler

In yet another demonstration of his unsuitability for the cloth he wears Cardinal Dolan at a recent meeting of the openly and proudly anti-Catholic coven known as the Anti Defamation League is seen hugging and making nice with one of the more notable persecutors of the Church, one Abe Foxman.

Famous comedian (l), anti Catholic monster (c), Obama stooge (r).  Notice how the comedian attempts to look cool and hip.
Abe Foxman is without question one of the world's great lost souls, and most proud of it. Rejecting his Baptism into the Faith by a family that saved him from a life of misery he has gone on to be a sly and brilliant persecutor of the Church (Candida Moss, late of Tooting-on-the-Thames, England, notwithstanding).  He enjoys watching weaklings squirm under his gaze, like the organizers of the Oberammergau Passion Play, who withered under his considerable pressure and turned the Play into a celebration of Jewish power instead of a depiction of Christ's sufferings.  He has used his power, money and connections to humiliate the Church, drive the Church from the public square and agitate for the foulest crimes against morality imaginable, one of the most successful being the exaltation of public sodomy.  Proud parent of a son who entered marital bliss with another man (by the way, Abe, which one is the groom and which one is the bride??) Mr Foxman has not been shy about his happiness over his accomplishments, now enshrined in something called a "law" dictated by five very fallible employees of the Federal government headed by Anthony Kennedy and his crew of apostate Catholics, Jews and lesbians.

Quoth Dolan at the gala Foxman affair:

“Yes, I’m jealous you seem to have a lot more access to the pope than I do,” said Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York.

 (Oh, dear; did I read that right?)

With such an agenda one might think a Catholic would shrink from being asked to even shake the hand of such a creature.  Not Laughing Timothy Dolan.  Oh no.  The Church's Clown Prince embraces his persecutor and his master, all smiles and corny jokes, grovelling and toadying as only he knows how.  I'm trying to imagine Berlin's Chief Rabbi attending a congratulatory dinner for Adolph Hitler, for that is what we have here when a Cardinal of the Catholic Church drools at the feet of a sworn enemy of Catholicism.

Pray for Abe Foxman.

Pray for Timothy Dolan.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Congratulations to Archbishop Jerome Listecki

This blog has not been shy in calling on the carpet cowardly Bishops, do-gooder Bishops and out and out villainous Bishops, and it has not been shy in criticizing Jerome Listecki, my Bishop.

But credit must in justice be given where credit is due, and Archbishop Listecki has made a courageous public statement about the latest debacle which emerged from the despotism in Washington.  Our thanks to the Badger Catholic blog for bringing it to our attention.

A quote:

We will not be assuaged from what the Church teaches and I believe it calls for even greater courage in the face of this rejection of truth. Ever the social critic, Cardinal Francis George may be right when he said that he will die in his bed, his successor will die in jail and the one who follows his successor will die a martyr in the public square. He envisioned the social upheaval in our society as a mounting persecution of the Church. I will willingly wear the orange jumpsuit, if it means standing up for the truth and the Catholic faith.

Thank you, Your Excellency.

Now the fight has begun in earnest, and we will be with you.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why not the Constitutional Option?

Which, stated, is simply this: that Congress can remove.the Supreme Court's appellate jurisdiction in certain sodo-"marriage".

William Quirk argues the case in Chronicles:

Easier said than done.  The Democrats are in thrall to the sodomite lobby and the Republicans are in thrall to pro-sodomy billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers.  But I suppose if enough people started mentioning this to their representatives some good might come out of it.

I have very little hope left for any US politicians  Even Mr Bobby Jindal, after boldly announcing that he will not allow this homosexual onslaught to befoul his state and showing therefore some signs of courage, quickly announced after the Court's "decision" that he will only allow it if ordered by the courts!!  Bobby, dear, do you think it will take the courts more than about ten minutes to order you to do it?  I don't suppose you could stick to your guns and just tell Washington to go to Hell, could you? Will they send in federal troops to harass your state?  Very possibly.  But isn't it better to let the world see with their own eyes the military forces of the country using guns and tanks to enforce the unspeakable crime of sodomy?

The politicians love the Supremem Court.  They can let them do all this damage and then hold up their hands lamenting that there is nothing they can do.  It is a coward's perfect option.

But there is something they can do, as William Quirk lucidly explains above.  We still have this option in the case of this mounting degeneracy.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Dear "Supreme Court": No, I don't think so.

Epitaph for the failed experiment that was America
A few years ago on this blog this writer made use of an old saying: the Devil has the people by the throat.  It was the ancient lament of peoples watching the disintegration of their homelands by forces that were most certainly of  sinister origin.  This lament has turned up more recently by other writers on the internet for it describes perfectly where we stand today.

There are sure to be countless analyses of today's decision by the Nine Divine Oracles.  But there is no need for analysis.  It was expected, pre-ordained by the degenerate elites of the ruling class. There is nothing to analyze.  Put in simple terms, five employees of the Federal Government voted in favor of their employer, so let us put away at last the facade that we are a "democracy" and that there are "checks and balances" that ensure good government.  It is a sham.  It has always been a sham.  It has been that way since 1776.

A bought and paid for Congress could have stopped this by simply removing the Court's jurisdiction from such matters.  But Congress is the plaything of the Haim Sabans' the George Soros' and the Sheldon Adelson's of this world, all of whom want this degeneracy to be foisted upon the weak, so don't look to them for relief.  Or "checks and balances". (As is the usual practice when something horrible comes from the federal government, be it contraception, the forced destruction of Catholic neighborhoods or abortion, they always find a Catholic of sorts to drop the bomb.  In the case of the queer marriage decision, it is pseudo-Catholic Anthony Kennedy who does the honors.)

Do not be shocked at the Supreme Court decision.  A country that has degenerated as low as America has is to be expected to see this.  An illustration of this degeneracy can be found by reading the "lyrics" of creatures known as "Rap singers", but I don't recommend it.

The prancing deities of Washington and their trolls are all atwitter now.  They've told the world where America stands, and on whose side she stands.  Watch them as they swish and exult in their easily-won victory to become lower than animals.  These are the same people running around the world imposing their "values" on other countries.  These are the same people who are provoking Russia into another world war. In their minds, now that sodomy rules this nation they believe they are invincible and they are now blithely antagonizing a nation that is not ruled by sodomy. If (God forbid!) it should actually come to war it is not too difficult to figure out who will be victorious.

Americans are understandably appalled by this as any right thinking person would be, but they shouldn't be surprised.  In the grand scheme of things America is nothing.

People all over the USA are shocked.  But why?  The "judicial" decision of these five twits, lesbians and ignorami is comparatively minor compared with the real victory of the dark forces:  the real harbinger of the Satanic stranglehold was Ireland a few weeks ago. This blasphemy was not imposed on the Irish by their corrupt government.  No.  Irishmen chose this abomination to fall upon their heads.  That is bigger news than the last, dying gasps of the United States.  When the people of Ireland willingly spat in the face of God, a people that once gloried in their Catholic Faith, that was the official beginning if you will of what we all know is coming.

Organization and coordination techniques tell quite a story. The fact that you have an onslaught that is so perfectly coordinated as this one should tell you that there is a great Intelligence behind it.  That co-ordination even includes prelates of the Catholic Church, as is quite evident in this upcoming Synod.  And timing is everything. I do not say that Cardinals Kasper and Marx and others consult with George Soros on a regular basis.  They don't have to.  Some thing or some one is directing them and it doesn't take a lot of imagination to guess who it is: a being usually described as the Father of Pride...and lies.  Am I saying that certain Catholic prelates are doing the will of the Evil One? Yes, of course.  Let's stop being faint-hearted about this; let us rather face the reality: the Devil's agents sometimes wear clerical collars. They may not know they are doing the work of evil but they are most certainly doing it. They too can be puffed up with Pride.  Have we all forgotten about Arius?

So now the sodomites officially have the upper hand in Ireland and America and dozens of other nations.  Indeed they have the whip hand.  And they will use it.  Their target of choice, to no one's amazement I hope, will be the Catholic Church.  It is the last man standing.

What is to be done  Frittering away our energies and money supporting Republicans who will not come to our rescue, a presidential race between Haim Sabin's Democrats and Sheldon Adelson's Republicans are not sensible options.  Nor is allowing one's self to be mesmerized by the daily bread and circuses provided by the Ruling Class.  I hope we don't squander our efforts in those directions.

The First Saturday in July is coming in a few days.  This is as good a time as any to start or re-start the First Saturday devotions.  This poor writer will get off his complacent rump and will be at Mass on July 4, 2015  [not watching "bombs bursting in air" nor participating in state worship parades].

One thing seems to be crucial just now.  It is a good time  to approach our pastors and Bishops to let them know that we will stand behind them if they should uphold the teachings of the Church. A hand-written letter or an email requesting a meeting would I believe prove productive.  I doubt the Robert Lynches or some of the others will give us the time of day but that's life: they will be dealt with when they meet their Maker.

Let your priests and Bishops know now that you will stand with them.  I would like to see Days of Fasting and Prayer instituted in dioceses all over the world.  Perhaps we can all persuade our pastors that this is the time to consider that.  As Catholics we know that fasting and prayer, together, are powerful weapons against devils.  Our current Pope once instituted such a day of fasting and prayer to prevent an American air strike on innocents in Syria.  It worked.  The indestructible world power that was preparing to rain death and annihilation upon innocent Syrians was stopped.  That same power is raining sodomy and abortion on other lands and on us. Fasting and prayer will stop them again.  It is a weapon in our arsenal that we would do well to use.

Despair is not an option now, but hope is and courage is.  Banish fear as best you can and remember Who it is who is on our side.  These corrupt nonentities in Washington who fancy themselves having the power of Zeus have drawn the battle lines clearly and for that we can be grateful.  There is no more shilly-shallying, no more wondering if someone in that benighted city will come to their senses.  They won't.  They are either cowards or demons or demented. Prepare for the worst but rest assured in the fact that Christ is King, the Supreme Monarch.  The King will protect His subjects.

They are preparing their weapons but we are preparing ours - and ours are much better.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Inside the Mind of a Monstrous Man

Let us thank the hackers for this one.  They have uncovered the exploits of one of the world's truly rotten men.

CyberBerkut hacked into George Soros' private emails.  Here is what they found:

An interesting look into how the world really works and a look into the minds of both Mr Soros and his friend, Nathaniel Rothschild...and Soros flunkey Jeffrey Sachs, who is now advising the Pope on climate issues and who talks about the Pope in such soothing tones. I do wonder if the Holy Father realizes he is being played for an utter fool by Messrs Sachs, Soros and Rothschild.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Marco Tosatti Speculates on the Kasper Proposal

Dr Maike Hickson over at writes about the speculations of journalist Marco Tosatti. Tosatti's observations center upon the confusion engendered by Cardinal Kasper's switching of stories regarding the Pope's approval of his plan for radical change in Catholicism:

From the article:

"While observers of the discussion concerning the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and the Family are still wondering what it was that has recently caused Cardinal Walter Kasper suddenly (but stammeringly) to deny that which he had claimed a year or so ago – namely, that Pope Francis personally supports his “Kasper proposal” – the well-informed Vatican journalist Marco Tosatti now has his own explanation.
On 10 June, in an article placed on his own blog linked to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, and entitled “The Pope, Kasper, the Denial,” Tosatti quotes the crucial part of the Kasper interview with Raymond Arroyo where Kasper now claims that he did not really have the support of the Pope in his reform proposals concerning the moral teaching and practice of the Church, especially about “remarried” divorcees: “… no, I would not say that he [Pope Francis] approved of my proposal, no, no, no.” Tosatti comments:
These are words that in a way surprised everybody, because they are in contradiction to that which one has been given to understand in the recent months. Eye witnesses of meetings with Pope Francis concerning this topic, as in the one which took place prior to the creation of the recent Cardinals, have a completely different memory; rather, they remember just the opposite.
More importantly, Tosatti reveals what just also happened during the recent assembly of the Italian Bishops’ Conference in May of 2015. Behind closed doors, says Tosatti, Pope Francis is alleged to have said the following: “Some Cardinals have published a book with the single intention to fight against Kasper; that is what a mortal sin is (against charity, probably).” 1
Read the entire article here:

We can only speculate, as Tosatti can only speculate, about what is going on in the preparations for the next round of the Sodomy Synod.  Whichever way our speculations direct us it is likely that this gathering will turn very ugly, and unlikely to produce any good fruits to nourish the faith of Catholics.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Get the Hook

This morning's newspaper in my town, amid stories of black violence against white people, unimportant sports news that is made to seem important, pro-sodomy and pro-war propaganda from Washington and other notable sources and the latest news about which over-the-hill rock groups will be playing at the upcoming Summer festival next week, we find more ramblings from Peter's Chair in Rome.

These unhistoric and somewhat incoherent ramblings amount to some tardy finger pointing at governments during world war two who did not do enough to get rid of the concentration camps.  In order one supposes of papal preference, top billing goes to the Jews, then the gypsies, then the Christians (thanks for mentioning it) and, of course, homosexuals.  Homosexuals had to be mentioned because it is "the thing to do", and all good soldiers in the fight against racism and faggophobia must do their bits.

No historical context for these remarks was given, no suggestions as to what might have been done, not even any hindsight observations about how people should have responded to them - nor even how many people knew what was even going on in those camps, just as there are many Americans now who have no idea what was/is going on in our little secret camps around the world - or if they do know, refuse to acknowledge it.  It's all very nice and easy and cozy to castigate your ancestors about their failings real or imagined but not so easy to stand up to the current powers that be and demand an end to their injustices.  These remarks may win Rome some points with the Jewish press and the homosexuals but we cannot see how a single soul will be saved here and now, especially since no specifically Catholic view of the matter was expressed. When one incessantly talks in generalities it is not surprising that few consciences are pricked.  What these remarks seem to suggest is yet another performance for the ruling elite who like it so much when the powerful can be brought to, shall we say, their point of view.

As this dog and pony show has been going on a bit too long now our only response is: Get the Hook.

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