Sunday, September 21, 2014


I have read over the twelve things Bishop Cupich, Pope Francis' new pick for Chicago, has said the Bishops have since learned by the ongoing sex scandals.  His ideas can be found here, in the magazine America, mouthpiece of the Jesuit/Americanist establishment.  Reading over these twelve points of his I am left wondering what it is he and his brother Bishops have actually learned.

Tellingly, his point number three begins thusly:

 "The causes of the clerical sexual abuse are complex, and it is simplistic to reduce them to easy answers. Many factors have been alleged to “explain” this misconduct by clergy, etc."

Therefore, conspicuous by its absence from the Bishop's learning experience is the real cause of the problem, namely: the abandonment by the Church of her doctrine, preaching, liturgy and sense of holiness combined with its total acceptance of the heresy of Modernism which has given rise to an infestation of homosexuals into the priesthood unprecedented in the 2,000 year history of the Church.

You see, Your Excellency, it is not all that complex.  But for those who wish to hide from this obvious truth and continue with the failed experiments of the 1960s I suppose it is too complex, for them.   That being said it appears that Cupich and his brother Bishops have learned precisely nothing from the scandals.

His tenure in Chicago promises therefore to be a most uninspiring one.

What this means, one supposes, is that Chicago will now have an Ordinary who will fit in quite well with the Dolans, the Wuerls and those very much like them.  

It must also mean that given Cupich's refusal to see the realities of protected buggery, the present Pope, by selecting Cupich, does not really want to do anything at all about that Lavender Mafia that he assured us he would look into.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


According to news reports,  ISIS wants to assassinate the Pope.

 the Islamic State  plans on “raising the level of confrontation” with Pope Francis because he is the “greatest exponent of the Christian religion.”

Obviously, ISIS has been misinformed.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014



This raises few eyebrows anymore but it is always worth noting how the logic of American-style pluralism plays out in practice.  In Miami schools the local Satanists will begin distributing their materials to the school kids.

The story is here:

Already there are voices raised in defense of this, the voices of the ignorant, or the slimy, or the satanic.  Or the stupid. We expect no less in these darker days and that is why few eyebrows are raised.

The schools now publicize every other sort of depravity so why, logically, would they exclude the worship of Beelzebub?  True, it is a more direct worship as opposed to the more indirect kind which has been the prevalent mechanism for centuries.  We can indirectly rejoice in the workings of Hell by gorging on prime time TV or we can do it more directly by putting on black robes and entering into their temples of darkness. Well, why not?  We have been told by everyone on earth, including Catholic churchmen, that one religion is as good as another so why not get out the black candles and take the knives from the scabbards?

Certainly there will be some parents, we trust they will be many, who will object to this.

Will high-ranking Catholic churchmen object also?  I am sure many will understand that we will not be holding our breaths for that to happen.  Too many of them are busy appearing on comedy shows.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


The call to prayer and fasting on September 7th last by Pope Francis, and the adroit actions of Vladimir Putin, prevented the USA from destroying one of Israel's enemies, Syria, and which would not only have put an end to Assad and Syria, but to Assad's protection of Christians, too.

But the US/Israel alliance has figured out another way to destroy Syria and its Christians, after which they will of course march on to Israel's last major enemy, Iran.  But before we discuss how that is going to work, let us try to penetrate the minds of these men who want to rid the Middle East of Christianity once and for all.

Fasting, Prayers and Putin frustrated the plans of some pretty vile people.  They were outfoxed.  And so like all spoiled brats they planned first revenge and then devised another way to accomplish their goal.

But revenge was very definitely first on the list.  And it came very quickly after their defeat.  The revenge?  Ukraine.

Obscenely rich oligarchs working hand-in-hand with the US arranged, financed, trained and successfully implemented a coup in Kiev.  There is no longer any reason to deny this since some in the US government like Victoria Nuland (nee Nudelman) admitted quite openly and unashamedly to spending over $5 billion of US taxpayer money to oust te legitimate government in Kiev and install billionaire Jewish oligarchs like Yatsenyuk and the equally odious Poroshenko.  It worked like a charm.  It even apparently has worked among the normally sensible Ukranian Catholics who, astoundingly, are supporting a junta which is stealing the resources of Ukraine, and imposing sodomy and other evils on their country.  The only explanation I have for this amazing situation is that the Ukranians are still harboring hatred for the Communists who decimated Ukraine in the past and starved to death millions of their fathers, mothers and grandparents.  Who can fault their awful memories of that genocide?  I can't, but I can point out that Putin is not Stalin and that Russia is no longer a Communist-controlled nation.

It is very clear to the Russians, who have been improving their economy and trying to rebuild faith and families, that America is surrounding them with troops and military hardware and is using their puppet NATO to that effect.  It is also I hope clear to them that this is a very bloody distraction to keep Russia isolated while more villainy is afoot against Syria and its innocents.  Even so, Putin has not fired a single shot, has not "invaded" Ukraine as the Yellow Press (and Washington) has been shrieking but has kept calm, peaceful and open to negotiations and has in fact now worked out a ceasefire between Kiev and the eastern part of Ukraine which does not want to live under a junta.  I imagine it will be only be a question of time before Kiev (or Blackwater) breaks the truce.  We are, after all, dealing with certifiable madmen here. To show the mendacity and hypocrisy of America and its European puppets in all its nakedness one has only to see that the minute Putin arranged for a ceasefire more crippling sanctions were imposed. Incredible...but when you play around with International Finance you must expect to be treated like that.  Hopefully Mr Putin has learned something from this.

While this violent mess continues apace the new plan to do the bidding of the occupiers of the Holy Land and demolish the remaining Christians in Syria started to form.  Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, there emerged ISIS.

Where did this group of mad dogs come from?

Let us think this one through.  But first I must pose as a special reminder question to my fellow Christians.  Should we believe that the same government that is turning into a recognizable police state, that is so corrupt that it would dare to impose abortion and sodomy upon its own population should suddenly be trusted implicitly when foreign policy is the subject?  Is that reasonable?  Is that sensible?  Is that logical?

Another question.  After decades of utter silence about the plight of suffering Christians around the world, be they under Communist or Nazi or Israeli or radical Muslim regimes, why is the US now suddenly expressing concern about them?  Let us stop and ponder that question for a few moments.  And yes, of course, we should be concerned for them...but we mustn't let our emotions rule our minds and allow ourselves to be played like violins by the Masters of Propaganda and be stampeded into another war.

Which brings us back to ISIS.  Where did they come from?  I hope you are not surprised to learn that these mad dogs were financed, trained, supplied and encouraged by America and Mossad.  When these two nations were preparing to oust Assad in Syria they created this group to fight an initial proxy war on their behalf to soften up the opposition before they came in with bombs and boots. They were doing a great job for awhile and the stage was set.  The propaganda mills were pumping out the untruths hourly.  The media (remembering always that the entire major media is owned by basically six people working as usual in perfect unison).  Uninformed people, many Christians included, were getting the war fever.  World governments were lining up to support the USA's little murder raid on that beleaguered nation.  We were all losing our heads amid the swirl of this expertly created publicity campaign.  Syria was about to be smashed by our glorious forces and with the smashed government would be smashed Christians and perfectly innocent Muslims.

Then the Pope announced his day of fasting and prayer for 7 September 2013.  Then Vladimir Putin stepped in with a way out for the USA: he arranged for Assad to get rid of his chemical weapons (which he had never used, by the way).  Then Britain started to re-think its commitment to help the US.  Then US public opinion started to shift.  The USA and Israel were thwarted.  Both were furious and vowed revenge.

Two months later: catastrophe in Kiev.  Then, ISIS starts making news.  We must be honest and hand it to them, if for nothing else their tenacity in trying to destroy Syria and its Christians.  They've now announced Plan B: Mr Obama, puppet that he is, will start bombing ISIS in Iraq and...Syria to rid the world of ISIS/ISIL.  And if you believe that one,,,,,,,,,,

The supremely arrogant USA has not bothered to ask permission of Assad to enter his country and begin bombing in Syria; and they could care less if Assad agrees or not (he doesn't).  This of course is a direct violation of international law and a show of utter contempt for a nation's sovereignty.  If this happens they will be using ISIS - whose atrocities they could care less about - as their excuse to murder Assad, destroy Syria and its Christians for Israel and then when the time is ripe go on to Iran. And the ridiculously demonized Putin will probably have no cards left to play.  Clever, no?

If you are tempted to believe this is all facile nonsense, I ask you to read some of the links and be your own judge.

In terms of discipline, liturgy, teaching and passing along the true Faith, and in dealing with some of the entrenched evil in the Church, our current Pontiff has been a disappointment (I realize some may call that a gross understatement).  But if he can muster up the courage to call out the demons who are ready to kill the remaining Christians in the Middle East, perhaps by another call for prayer and fasting, perhaps by a consecration of Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart, he will have accomplished something good.  If he can exorcise the demons that haunt and torment world politics perhaps he could then tackle those who are tearing at the Church.  Perhaps these horrors about to be inflicted upon a poor nation will awaken him to the realization of who he is, who he represents and what he must urgently do for the Church and the world.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


We here at The Eye Witness would like to recommend an excellent article on the real catastrophe that is divorce.  It was penned by Mrs Maike Hickson over at, and we cannot recommend it highly enough:

From the article:

"In the recent months, Pope Francis has stated repeatedly that one should have more mercy with those Catholics who are divorced and remarried civilly. In the context of the current discussion within the Church about Divorce, and how to deal with those Catholics who are remarried outside of the Catholic Church, what strikes me is how little explicit attention is given to the Little Ones, to the children, who most vulnerably suffer under a divorce. When we ask for mercy and compassion for the man and the woman who have failed in their reciprocal marriage vows before God and to God; and who have then abandoned their vows, who speaks of the mercy due to the little ones who were left in a lurch by the breach of their parents?"

May we hope that men like Cardinal Kasper might reflect on these thoughts?  Or that the Pope might also do so?

Synods being what they are, at least in recent decades, we have little hope that the profundities of the Faith will find a voice therein.  But we can hope, and we can do our small bit by encouraging the reading of fine articles such as the one written by Mrs Hickson.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Mother Agnes Marian de la Croix

“I will talk to any and all Syrians regardless of a person’s affiliation with either the Syrian opposition or the regime; but I refuse to talk to non-Syrians until they leave Syria.”

This remarkable statement comes from the mouth of a Melkite Greek Catholic nun, Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross.  I must admit I do not know much about this religious but her courage is admirable.

She is one of those who discovered that the story of the Assad regime using chemical weapons in the (US-backed) civil war was a fraud.

She has not been wanting in her criticism of some of the excesses of the government but it is evident to her that the real villains in this case are those who want to destroy the Christian presence in the Middle East.  She calls it Christian genocide.  And that's what it is.

Perhaps not too surprisingly Mother Agnes was attacked by Human Rights Watch, an organization run by such notable and independent-thinking personages as Aryeh Neier, Kenneth Roth, Robert Bernstein and David Keyes.  Some human rights are of great interest to them.  Other human rights, such as those in Syria, not so much.  So they have taken Mother Agnes to task...for trying to uphold human rights in Syria.!.aspx

This woman's story has been covered well on the internet so it is unnecessary for me to go over facts already well known.  But we all know that a wounded animal is dangerous, and right now that wounded animal is the two or three nations that have been trying to exterminate Syria for years.  They were wounded by Vladimir Putin's initiative and they were wounded by the Pope's magnificent September 7th day of fasting and prayer.  But they still haven't given up their insane plans, as the recent ISIS incidents make clear.  Mother Agnes is well aware that Syria is still hanging in the balance and she has judged rightly the mendacity and malignancy of Syria's enemies.  She is going to carry on in her work.  And God bless her.

I do not know if Mother Agnes is going to be a catalyst in this tumultuous situation or not but she certainly has made the right kind of enemies.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


I am sorry.  I simply must plagiarize a comment read on Peter Hitchens' blog today and apply it to His Jolly Eminence, Timothy Dolan.  I will only change the name of the subject to our Roly Poly
Cardinal since every word applies so perfectly to him.

Dolan is happy with the decision of parade organizers in NYC to allow a group of NBC poofs to prance in a parade which supposedly was designed to honor a Catholic Saint, and has said so publicly.

My response:

[Dolan] is, of course, entitled to his own dumb opinion, just as I am entitled to think [Dolan's] work is a nauseous broth of egomania and crowd pleasing, politically correct platitudes with slightly less intellect, empathy and verbal dexterity than the week-old cheese I threw out yesterday.

(With my apologies - and thanks - to "Vladimir" who wrote that lovely comment to describe a different pompous ass.)