Sunday, August 30, 2015

First it was "ms" and now it's "ze"

Since everyone has so happily and unthinkingly accepted the ridiculous appellation "ms" to describe ladies married or unmarried, I'll bet that it won't be long until the same unthinking ones (including Catholics) will start using "ze".

What to do when someone uses these idiocies?  Give them the withering mockery they so richly deserve, as this blog has always done since it began in 2011 A.D. [Note to those in the Vatican: "AD" signifies "Anno Domini", marking the central historical event in all human history.  We know that many in Rome have now adopted the Jewish "CE", but we thought that perhaps you needed a reminder.]

The Hounds of Hell must be laughing themselves silly at the collective mindlessness of the world.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Will Finland succeed in reversing the Poof "Marriage" Law?

Momentum is gaining in Finland to repeal the atrocious law that was recently imposed upon them. I wonder if little Finland will show the world the way to say "no" to Big Buggery.

The website Mass Resistance has the details.  From the article:

Late last year, as we reported, the Finnish Parliament narrowly passed a “gay marriage” law. As we’ve seen in so many other places, proponents used an aggressive, undemocratic strategy that allowed no parliamentary debate, discussion, or amendments to push the bill through its final stages. Within a week, over 12,000 people had resigned from the Finnish Lutheran Church over its Bishop’s pro-gay marriage remarks.
But last April’s nationwide elections changed the political landscape. A new Parliament was elected.  The top people in government are openly pro-traditional marriage. As a result, the Finnish pro-family movement has ignited across the country to get the bill repealed. Over 70,000 people have already signed a special petition to get it before the Parliament. And to counter the “gay” propaganda, they are out educating the population and the political leaders about the consequences of “gay marriage” for society.

Read the rest of this inspiring post here.

Pray for little Finland.

Dear lovely Finland, don't soil your beautiful land with that filth

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Horse's Ash Carter Talks Tough

The Secretary of Defense???

Where do these idiots come from?  I really, truly, want to know.  Are they from Mars, or do they emerge, like all war profiteers, from the deep recesses of their own strange minds?

This clown wants to have a nuclear war with Russia.

Look at his views philosophically: being a mandarin of the military-industrial amalgam, which makes him immensely rich, lots of American dead bodies are not something that troubles him overmuch. US soldiers are a dime a dozen, so Mr Carter can live with a couple of hundred thousand body bags being sent home, presuming there is enough left of the soldiers' bodies to get sent back.  And since that doesn't weigh too heavily on his conscience, the sight of obliterated US cities probably wouldn't either.  He will, after all, be safely ensconced in his well-protected underground bunker while the rest of us, a la Hiroshima, are roasted to death.

Surely there is an asylum somewhere, with thickly padded cells, where we could find a place for Mr Carter?

An additional padded cell needs to be reserved for this guy:

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Church Music: The Balance Between Sound and Silence

I and my family have the great privilege of being able to avail ourselves of the beautiful, powerful, haunting Ancient Rite of the Mass on a regular basis, every day of the week.  It is the kind of privilege one would not trade for anything on earth.

The good priests who say this Mass do so with exceptional reverence and minute attention to the rubrics and there is no complaint that could possibly be made as to that.  Curiously though, the religious order to which these priests belong demands Masses, High and Low, to be adorned with wall-to-wall music, in the case of the High Mass a full choir and organist (understandably), and the Low, strangely enough, with virtually non-stop organ music(incomprehensibly).  We drown in music at this parish, especially at the Low Mass, a Mass in which one would normally expect a few moments of contemplative silence.  (We have discussed some of these issues on this blog before:

Can there be such a thing as too much music in an Ancient Rite Mass?

When is too much, then, too much?

A blogging colleague, the fabled Dad29, has offered some compelling thoughts on the subject of Church music, when it is right and when it is wrong.  With Dad's kind permission I reproduce here his essay.  ["Dad29" is the nom de plume of one of the state's most distinguished Church musicians, an artist in the front rank of his profession.  His thoughts are not those of the amateur and, therefore, are to be valued.]


There are dozens of Church documents which mention music in the liturgy.  Almost all of them give a nod--or more--to Gregorian Chant as the 'preferred,' 'first,' or 'primary' music of the Roman liturgy.  And that preference is, to one degree or the other, ignored.  Oh, yes, there is a movement afoot to restore (instaurare) Chant to its place as the principal song of the Church.  And yes, EF communities utilize Chant quite a bit.

We all know that Chant is sung, of course.  And we all know that Chant really should be un-accompanied.  And most of us know that Chant comes in two varieties:  the relatively simple, easy-to-sing, 'congregational' Chant of the Ordinary of the Mass, and the more elaborate, sometimes quite challenging, Proper chants.

But this is not really about what Chant is.  It is what Chant is NOT that is important here.

Chant is not accompanied.  Chant is not continuous--that is, each Chant has its place and has no more than just that place.  It is not entertainment; it is not bombast, it is not 'filler.'  Most important, it is not imposed upon the Mass--rather, it is PART of the Mass.

What can we learn from this list of 'nots'?  We can learn that the music most strongly recommended for use at Mass is part of the Mass itself.  Negatively, then, we learn that that's all the music that the Mass really  'needs.'

Uh-huh.  So what?

There is a tendency among church musicians to 'fill every hole with music.'  That's not surprising, I suppose.  It's probably related to the old saying about problems:  if you have a hammer, every problem is a nail.  And if you're a musician, music is the solution to every need, whether that need is real or merely perceived.

Therein lies the rub.  Chant teaches us simplicity, and about the value of silence.  It teaches us that the priest, congregation, and schola (or choir) have their own roles.  It teaches us where music MUST be, and where it does not HAVE to be, and it teaches us that music for the Mass is really quite subtle.

Little of that is understood in our time, where continuous music has been imposed on us by the psycho-motivators of Muzak, the commercialism of Itunes (and the multitude of competitors), and our own inability to exist comfortably with ..............silence.  It is somewhat ironic that "The Sounds of Silence" was not silent at all, and was played all. the. time. on commercial radio, no?

Locally, a misguided parish priest ordered his music-critter to "play something" for 10 full minutes before the beginning of each Mass.  That order was given in order to get deh pipples to shut up when they entered the church.  It was the right reason, but the wrong solution, for the music-critter's repertoire is largely drawn from hotel-lobby/bar entertainment stuff--French impressionist--and it cannot possibly convey the sense of "church."  Worse, it feeds the fire of Muzak-psych.   This is compounded when the music-critter stuffs the communion "space" with keyboard riffs on hymns, then with the official 'communion hymn,' and sometimes an additional choral or congregational piece.

(The priest himself should have told deh pipples to shut up, of course--but he has an overpowering need to be adored and liked, so he chose the wrong solution.) 

In the EF (Old Rite), the music-critter will impose music even more freely because in that Rite, the priest does not 'speak' the Canon.  Since silence is The Vacuum Which Must Be Filled, organ music will be heard, and the Vacuum At Communion will ALSO be filled, often right to the brim, with mo' music.

Please!  Shut Up!!  Take the un-stated but obvious advice of Chant!

Less is more, folks.  Silence is golden.  God's voice is still and small.  Maybe HE should be heard, eh?

The blog of Dad29, including an expanded version of the above, can be found here.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bishops May Need Their Own Version of Alcoholics Anonymous

Pondering what to do in this ever more palpable calamity confronting Holy Mother the Church, and not wanting to constantly dump on and criticize every Bishop who opens his mouth, I am thinking that there may be a need for some variation on Alcoholics Anonymous, or "AA", to help defuse this awful situation.

AA will tell you that the first thing an alcoholic has to do is to admit he has a problem.  The same would hold true to those addicted to drugs or pornography.  I suspect there are a fair amount of Bishops and priests who inwardly sense that something is dreadfully wrong but cannot or will not confront the causes,  Here is where Catholics who are aware can perhaps be of some help to these people.  I believe we must find opportunities to sit down in a relaxed, non-confrontational manner with our clerics and help them to see that by refusing to admit there is a problem, their refusal will bring the Church as we know it to the point of collapse. If we can but help them start that process of realization we may just be able to help stop the insanity that is engulfing the Church.

A tall order, to be sure.  But not, I think, an impossible one.  This blog has been constant (some would say, too constant) in its criticisms of Bishops, the type who give the impression that they are not in the slightest bit interested in acting like true defenders of the Faith.  Perhaps it is time to face the cold, hard facts and finally write them off.  To wipe the dust off our feet, so to speak.  They are not going to change.  They will go to their graves, a la Bernardin, proudly contemptuous of the ancient Faith.

As for meeting with wavering or frightened Bishops and priests this, I think, is a job for the men, at least at first.  Men are pretty much dismissed nowadays in Church circles - odd for an institution that has an all-male priesthood - and are generally ignored or bypassed when big parish or chancery decisions are made.  That's a bit of a generalization, I know; but if we look at any parish bulletin and cast our eyes over the names of those who hold much of the decision-making powers in parishes or, ominously, parish councils, I think you will see my point.  Clerics are terrified of women and even more terrified of media opprobrium so it should hardly be surprising to see the ladies dominating.  This can be a very bad thing, if the ladies are of a progressive or feminist bent.  A priest or a Bishop, then, confronted (politely but firmly) be men who are concerned about what is happening to the Faith, the world, the education of their children and a thousand other things can be an eye-opening experience for clerics who are accustomed to weak yes-men or liberal ladies who like to take charge.  I suspect it will be a refreshing eye-opener for these clerics; gutsy men cannot be twirled around the little fingers of domineering types.

If men don't act like men, the women will start acting like men, and then the world turns upside down.  The enemies of God's order know this very well.  Extremely well.  So well that we are now reduced to having mincing homosexuals, and transvestites who mutilate themselves, essentially calling the shots (or so they believe; they are actually the pawns of the decadent elite).  For a simple but strong, humble yet firm man start to defend Faith and family by sitting down with priest or Bishop could be the turning point in this whole onslaught against sanity which has encircled us.

And the women?  Instead of the types who wish to dictate orders as chairmen of corporations or parish councils we want a lioness who will tear apart anyone or anything that threatens her cubs. That is a force to be reckoned with.  And a team to be reckoned with: a manly man defending Faith and family and a woman doing the same.

We are not quite at the point where such teams are the norm.  At times it seems the only ones defending the Faith at parishes are the gals, while the men are off flipping pancakes at the parish breakfast jamboree.  It does not have to be this way.  True, most men are bored silly by the effeminate, silly liturgies they call "Masses" today.  They sit in pained silence as little lasses dress up as altar boys, or are forced to mumble the most atrocious, eye-rolling hymns.  They desperately try to find a few minutes of meditative silence at these Masses and find none.  They cannot wait for it to end so they can beat it out of there and do something manly.  It is especially difficult for men if the priest is one of these prissy idiots who sits on his rump while every female in the parish from 8 to 80 finds themselves up at the altar singing, reading, or co-consecrating - or giving out Holy Communion to every pair of dirty hands that are thrust in front of them.  Men instinctively recoil at such nonsense.  I am speaking about real men here, of course.

So, men, having read all this, what do we do?

If I may offer a suggestion, start by finding if you can a reverent liturgy to attend.  I recommend the historic, ancient Rite of Mass as a first choice if at all possible.  I believe that will start our manly wheels turning in our aging brains and might just rekindle our sense of who we are and what our responsibilities are.  I suspect that that, coupled with some solid spiritual and historical reading will help us along the road until we are finally, at last, prepared to assume our rightful roles as defenders of our families and the Holy Catholic Faith.

Which brings us back to those meetings with Bishops and priests.  Let us help them, like AA, recognize that there is a problem.  We cannot allow them to continue blithely on as if all is right with the world and there is nothing to worry about.  If we approach them with humility and respect and a firm purpose we may just be the Alcoholics Anonymous that they so desperately need to lead them away from this destructive-to-the-Faith attitude they have.  I think the more Bishops we can convince, especially now with this horrendous Synod fast approaching, that there is a problem the more likely we are to have some impact, small though it may have to be.  Trees start out as acorns, as they say.  

What do we do if we are rebuffed after politely trying to show them the problem?  Every one will have a different answer for that.  As for myself I wouldn't necessarily burn any bridges but I might make them clearly aware of my displeasure over the Church's failure to protect Her flock.  I would remind them of the sufferings my children and grandchildren will endure at the hands of an Empire of Sodomites.  I would remind them of the millions of souls who will never see God when they die, despite what the Urs von Balthasars and Robert Barrons may believe.  I would remind them that a General protects his troops and a father protects his children.  More than anything else I would leave him with the impression that a manly man has confronted him.

If on the other hand they show sympathy, then give them all the encouragement and espirit de corps that the situation calls for.  Work with them.  They may be ignorant of the richness that the Church offers; after all most of them were probably taught by incompetents or worse in seminary.  When the time comes you will know what to do and how to help them.  God's grace will provide.