Thursday, February 26, 2015

Putin invites North Korean dictator to Moscow? Is he insane?

Probably not, according to this fascinating analysis by the esteemed William Engdhal.

Russian President Vladimir Putin raised many eyebrows in the west recently by confirming that he had invited the pariah North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, to come to Russia in May. Some saw this as a measure of the degree of desperation of Russia as US and EU economic sanctions take their toll. Far from a signal of desperation, however, it looks to this observer as a very shrewd move that could rob Washington of one of their favorite weapons.

As we noted in an earlier article, “Why Now North Korea?,” the rush by the Obama Administration to put new sanctions on North Korea on unproven allegations she was behind recent hacker attacks on Sony Pictures, a Japanese-owned company, stinks of a false flag operation by the usual suspects—the neo-conservative warhawks increasingly dominating Obama Administration policy since the 2012 war against Qaddafi’s Libya. I believe that there are very different reasons behind the rush to punish North Korea.

In a private discussion over dinner at the World Economic Forum at Davos Switzerland back in the 1990’s, where I was present as a free-lance journalist, I had occasion to have a fascinating talk with the late James R. Lilley about world events. He was at Davos, as he privately confided, to “baby sit” a delegation of generals from China’s Peoples’ Liberation Army. The year was 1998 as I recall and China’s leaders were being wooed by the West.
Over a glass of fine Swiss wine, we talked about China and Asian politics. Perhaps because he was enjoying what he said was a very informed discussion of world politics, he never got around to asking more about who I was. I was fine with that. The talk came to North Korea which then was subject of much consternation over its nuclear weapons program. At one point Lilley blurted a profoundly useful piece of intelligence. He said to me, “If North Korea did not exist, we would have to create it to give us the excuse to keep our Seventh Fleet in Japan after the end of the Cold War.”

Lilley was no novice to the games of US geopolitics. He, like his old friend George H.W. Bush, had been a member of the Skull & Bones secret society at Yale University. He was fluent in Mandarin having been born to missionary parents in Shanghai, China. He served in the CIA as leading China expert for 30 years and later became US Ambassador to Beijing during the (US-orchestrated) Tiananmen Square student protests of 1989. Lilley knew what Washington Asia politics were.

So with that insider comment in mind, let’s look at what could possibly be behind the sudden demonization, yet again, of North Korea
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Desperation of Thomas Rosica

Lots of salt.  But very little light.

Father Rosica cuddles up with that well-known Modernist Donald Wuerl

Catholics who attempt to live a Catholic life are about to face the good, old iron fist of the Modernists in Rome, the same fist that tried (more or less successfully) to crush the Ancient Rite of Mass and impose their strange spirit of Vatican II on the entire Catholic world.  Flushed with their success over that caper and strengthened by a Pope clearly at odds with the twenty century tradition of the Church they are attempting to pull off another revolutionary act with their pet project, the Synod of the family, aka, the Sodomy Synod, the Bastard Synod, etc.  They want to unleash perhaps the final horror upon the Church, the full acceptance of the mortal sin of sodomy and the destruction of marriage.

Quite a tall order.  Moreover, they want to blur the few remaining clear perceptions of Catholic doctrine the faithful still have.  That they have achieved so much in so short a time is an indication that the Modernists that St Pius X warned us against have won (temporarily, as we know).

The Episcopal disaster that was Vatican II, like a steam roller, sailed on unchallenged, crushing everything in its way and destroying more or less the simple faith of millions and ushered in a time of unrelieved chaos which has continued on an metastasized since 1970.  The Obedience card was played cleverly and the demoralized troops carried on, certain that "the changes" were what the Holy Ghost wanted. No one bothered to explain why the Holy Ghost decided upon a sudden 180 degree turnabout at the time.  No one explained anything, in fact.  Indeed few people even thought about it seriously.  The Modernist magicians had all the levers of power in their hands and had the unprecedented help in their task by the world's mass media.  Their revolution could not have happened or been as successful without that media help.

So with a new Pope who seems to share at least some of the goals they entered into this next phase of the Revolution, their well-prepared and well-manipulated Synod, confident in the knowledge that they would have a coterie of sycophantic Catholics, dumb heads, sex perverts, unthinking Catholics addled by a false sense of obedience and the world's media at their beck and call.  But something new had been added since their previous revolutionary putsch: the internet.

Here they miscalculated for once.  They did not sufficiently appreciate the growing strength of a solid Catholic presence that was willing to stand up to them and expose their faithlessness.  I am firmly of the opinion that they did not expect the backlash they are now getting.  It threw them off their game at first. New strategies had now to be considered to thwart the simple Catholic bloggers and internet sites.

Enter Thomas Rosica

A loyal flunkey of Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi and one of those who enhance their own self-image by toadying to the great and powerful, Father Thomas Rosica decided to take action against a humble blogger who committed the crime of quoting Rosica's own words, and has threatened the blogger with legal action.  That Rosica does not give much evidence that he is smart enough to do something like this on his own initiative it is likely that this tactic was dictated to him by someone higher than he and, frankly, with more brains than he.  We may never know who that is,but it would not stretch the imagination too far by seeing at least the bony hands of Donald Wuerl and/or Father Lombardi in this.  It may even have come from higher up than that.

I seriously doubt that Rosica can prove a case of defamation, considering that the blogger is simply quoting his own words.  But he can possibly make life difficult for him.  Intimidation is what is at work here and it seems clear enough that the Rats of Rome want their Sodomy Synod to go on unopposed.  Shysters will soon smell the blood in the water, or so they think, and will undoubtedly place themselves at the service of other clerical quislings trying to shed light on their activities. They will soon learn however that these kinds of tactics wont work.

What could work for them is the looming threat from the Empire of Chaos, aka the USA.  Our Worshipful Masters in Washington have been floating this idea for a long time now, that they will need to shut down the internet, all in the name of "national security" don't you know.  That would kill two birds with one stone, if I might coin a phrase.  It will silence the critics of both the Vatican and the Empire, something that would suit them quite handily, for the Catholic revolutionaries are well in bed with the sodomy-pushers in government as is far too well known to dispute.  The career of Cardinal Marx should be sufficient proof of that.

A man out of his depth

One must pity Father Rosica.  Reading his blog reveals a middling intellect who tries to hide his obsequiousness to the powerful in a sea of pietistic writings of the kind that often soothe the poorly-catechized of the world.  In his writings we find him opposing abortion, for example, but at the same time hinting that perhaps we do more harm than good by opposing it so publicly.  Therein the poison that has been laced into the wine.  It is a standard ploy that has been working well since Vatican II: drench your deviations from Catholicism with a torrent of pious phrases.  Just listen to the words of Cardinal Godzilla Marx or Cardinal Kasper to see how this tired act is played.  Moreover, they've had over 150 years to perfect that shtick and it works on the gullible just as well now as it has always.

But as Father Rosica and his superiors are discovering it does not work on everyone, and blogdom is now in full force calling them out on it.  If Rosica was expecting all the lambs to be silent about this he hand his crew are very much mistaken.

Thus this threat of legal action against a blogger shows an unmistakable suggestion of desperation on the part of Father Rosica and the higher-ups who are encouraging him in this folly.  A good sign, some would point out.  If one small Canadian blogger can cause so much consternation among the Modernists in Rome we can imagine how much worry an army of bloggers will cause them.  For they are not used to being asked tough questions, they are not used to having their questionable theology dissected on a worldwide platform; they have been accustomed to a soft, kid-glove approach for decades.  They cannot handle, it seems, a fiercely honest and determined laity who are frankly fed up with them and all their pomps and works.  But as the old saying goes, "Too bad."

As other blogging colleagues have suggested we need to circle the wagons around one of our own and offer what help we can moral, financial if necessary and spiritual.  Being revolutionaries at heart the modernists probably don't rely a whole lot on prayer to advance their cause other than the staged, "show" prayer that they sometimes engage in.  They may seek preternatural help, I don't know; but sincere prayer to,say, the Blessed Mother doesn't appear to be their style.  The Catholic blogs I read take prayer quite seriously which puts a powerful weapon in our hands.

It is very gratifying to me to see so many bloggers and websites covering this.  Our blog has been linking to Vox Cantoris quite happily for some time now; hopefully others will add him to their list, too, providing him with an even greater audience and much-needed support.

A cursory review of Father Rosica's writings show us a picture of I would hope a basically good man who is simply out of his depth when it comes to the Church's history, dogma, practice, tradition and sense of being.  He is a man too long exposed to the stink of Modernism and as many find out that is a stink very hard to rid oneself of.  Platitudes come easily to him; an intellectual ability to understand the Faith, less so.  This makes one an easy prey to Machiavellian personalities, especially those in high places.  And Father Rosica enjoys being near those high places.  With this gambit he shows himself to be one who can be used easily, manipulated by cleverer heads.  Pray for him.

And they shouted all the more, "Crucify him!  Crucify him!"

If Father Rosica wants to be just another member of the howling mobs calling for the blood of the innocent, so be it.  He will forever have to live with the shame of his action if he proceeds with these legal threats.

But he, and more importantly those directing him, will not win in the end, or even in the short term. For now, however, he is doing his toadying routine to perfection.

He already has his reward.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Papal Raptures

Miss Kathleen Parker, columnist for The Washington Post, is in a state of rapture over the recent musings of the Holy Father, especially on those topics which she and the Post find so attractive.  "When the Pope talks, people listen," she tells us.  Yes, indeed they do.

But gush is in the wind (what a horrible thought) and writers like Parker are there to do the gushing. Her adulations appeared in a recent print edition.

"Even non-Catholics are keen to study his words, so surprised and delighted are they to hear a pope say things that suggest to them a more enlightened view of the world, even if those views are attitudinal rather than tangible."

"Once he has said something the light he sheds travels with the speed of a meme."

"Each time Francis speaks, his words are as shiny objects on a desert floor.  We scramble to examine them, turning them over, looking for hidden meanings, holding them up to the light in search of codes and encryptions."


Friday, February 20, 2015

The Death Machines

Artist rendering by WeaponX at Deviant
When I was a small boy about nine years of age I had horrible nightmares about death-ray machines from Mars coming down our street and vaporizing my home, my family and my neighborhood.  This vivid, awful recurring nightmare was instigated by the viewing of a science-fiction film called, as I recall, The Mysterians.

Today, however, there are people in the world who not only have these same recurring nightmares, but live under the daily reality of bring burned alive by death machines from the sky.  To those readers who are still wondering why our country is so universally hated around the world, I present the story of a thirteen year old boy who, after his father and his brother were killed by US drones, or death machines, was himself obliterated by the same thing.  His recurring nightmare ended.

A country that has promoted sodomy, abortion, contraception and murder, a country that has gone mad, a nation that does this is a country that is going to see one day the judgment of God.  All wars are religious, and the war being waged by a pagan Empire against virtually the entire planet is getting closer to that judgment with every outrage it commits.  When next you deplore (rightly) the latest attack by Islamic fundamentalists ask yourself, like a good school playground monitor might, "Who started this?"

When the brilliant historian William Thomas Walsh was writing a book in the late 1940s about the Fatima apparitions and was interviewing Sister Lucy he naively asked her if the United States, where he lived, would be spared the annihilation which awaited other nations.  The look she gave him after that question was one he would never forget.

First his father, then his brother and now him

All God's Chilluns Must Die

Remember this, the next time UNICEF has its hands out for money or when they show their soothing TV commercials showing how much they help all those poor children:

(With thanks to

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Merciful Bastards of Rome Strike Back

It was inevitable.  The regime of mercy and forgiveness and surprises in the Vatican has threatened to sue a Catholic blogger, Vox Cantoris, for the crime of publishing the very words of the regime in question.  I wondered what had taken these hypocrites so long to begin their counterattack.

Father Thomas Rosica, the less-than-photogenic stooge of Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi, is all atwitter over the blog's publishing of his very own words and has threatened the blogger with legal action if he doesn't remove Rosica's own words from his blog.  That this is the proverbial shot across the bow intended to intimidate bloggers is so obvious that it is needless to even point it out.

Interestingly, Rosica has taken a page from the sodomite's playbook here.  The gaystapo has been using similar threats of a legal nature to silence their critics.  See Mass Resistance for details.  One may ask if it is the poofs who are advising the Vatican or the other way around.

Perhaps The Thomas More Law Center or persons like Chris Ferrara could step in here and offer some advice if not help to Vox Cantoris, a blog I for one highly value and have been proud to link to. If the Lavendar Mafia in Rome is going to resort to these kinds of games it is time for bloggers to call their bluff.

This is also a good time to reflect on the abandonment of Catholics by their fathers in Rome.  Not only have we been abandoned by priests, Bishops and Popes, and for a very long time, but we have been stabbed in the back by them.  And although I cannot prove it of course I smell the strong, sulfurous stench of the Homosexual Agenda busily at work here.  Time will tell.

My recommendations?  Say a decade of the Rosary for Vox Cantoris starting today and if you can send him a few shillings for a legal defense fund that he may need.

May God and Our Lady protect Vox Cantoris from the wolves of Rome.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Catholic examines the hatred of Vladimir Putin

(Which reminds me: I need to start planning my May fishing trip asap) to go from friend to villain in one day.

From a personal perspective I find the President of Russia to be an interesting chap.  Regular readers here must have guessed that by now since I have not been silent about my fascination for the changes that have been taking place in the land once strictly under atheist control for nearly a century, and for one of the men who has been instrumental in some of those changes.  Clearly not all readers share my cautious optimism; I daresay I have lost several valued readers and commenters over this very issue (and perhaps other issues as well).

Catholics who are able to keep their heads during the unprecedented onslaught of anti-Russian propaganda - and it is propaganda, let us never forget - can nevertheless become understandably bewildered by this seemingly universal condemnation of Russia's current leader.

Which is why I believe Catholics should read and contemplate the following article by Dr Boyd Cathey which appeared over at the UNZ Review a few weeks back.  The link is as follows:

Dr Cathey has a number of enlightening facts in his article, among them this:

Putin gained firm support and endorsement from that inveterate and most intransigent anti-Communist, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Before his death in 2008, Solzhenitsyn praised Putin and stated that he believed Putin’s personal acceptance of Christian faith to be genuine. American ambassador William Burns visited Solzhenitsyn (April 2008) shortly prior to his death and quoted him as stating that under Putin, the nation was rediscovering what it was to be Russian and Christian. [See article, Thursday, December 2, 2010] The great Russian anti-Communist also gave a long 2007 interview with the German magazine, Der Spiegelsaying the same thing. So, then, if the Putin-haters are correct, did Putin fool the great Solzhenitsyn who was by far the greatest and most intransigent anti-Communist of the 20 th century? Not likely.

It is the personal view of this writer that it is the ubiquitous Money Power, those Gnomes of New York, London, Zurich and Tel Aviv if you will,  which is the driving force behind these attacks.  This very elite group of plutocrats and oligarchs, who have rarely been shy about flexing their muscles, are the ones most interested in getting rid of Vladimir Putin.  That, for what it's worth, is the summary of my own views based on a very close following of world events especially as they impact the Catholic Church. But Dr Cathey provides a more intense in-depth analysis, one that bears close study.

One big question is this: what does Mr Putin have to do with the survival of not only his own Orthodox church, but the Catholic Church too?  While I am not necessarily characterizing him as the White Knight who is come to save Christianity I only ask you to look at the kind of enemies he is making, and Dr Cathey does an excellent job of naming those enemies.

In the case of Mr Putin, the reason then why he interests me is very simple: by their fruits you shall know them.

And by their enemies you shall also know them.